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Billy's Great Adventure #3

tinsenpup said...
A small purple tag that read, "A gift for you. In eternal gratitude. With love from..." the name is smudged.

Three weeks later, when all the snow was melting, the snowman was still in perfect condition. Billy and Milly were puzzled. Who was the mysterious person who sent the snowman? Why didn't it melt? One day, Billy decided to find out. He packed his things and set off. Milly came too. One day, they came across...

What did they come across? You Devide Next!

Billy's Great Adventure #2

Wes said...
the most wonderful thing! A snowman has appeared in your yard!

"How could that happen?" asked Billy. " Last night, I saw outside when I locked my door, and there was nothing there!"
"I don't know" said Milly, "but it sure is cool! Cool, geddit?" But Billy was already running towards the mysterious snowman. Milly followed him. Billy inspected the snowman. "Oh, my!" he exclaimed. "Look!" Milly looked. It was...

What was it? You Decide Next!

Billy's Great Adventure #1

I've decided to start another You Decide Next story!
(I just ended my last one.)
It is called...

Billy's Great Adventure

You guessed it; BILLY THE PIXELPERSON! Now, let's start...

Billy woke up on that snowy morning to the sound of birds singing. He got out of bed and started to make breakfast. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door! Billy went to see, and it was his friend Milly. "Billy" she said, breathless. "Come with me, quick! It's..."

What did she say? You Decide Next!

Story #7

Wes said...
That one of the Scratch developers had installed a hacker-proof firewall, creating at least one place safe from the mysterious hacker.

The Scratchers were delighted. At last!
A safe place for everyone! All was well, for a time. But eventually, the hacker found out about this firewall, and joined the site. Fortunately, it wouldn't let him join! By now, the Scratch Team knew the IP of the hacker, so he was banned forever.

The End!
If there are any loose ends you'd like me to finish off, tell me :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Story #6

Wes said...
All the Clutter users had vanished. The site was intact... but noone was using it.

lavendershine posted a comment on a Clutter project asking where everyone had gone, but a few hours later she came back and the comment wasn't there! It was as if she had never posted it. She went back to the Scratchers' main site, and told them what had happened. A user called Quibble responded and said "Clutter was our only hope. Now we must email the Scratch Team." So they did, and they said "Clutter was hacked, too? This is bad." Then, lavendershine went to just to check, and she found...

What did she find? You Decide Next!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Story #5

Wes said...
"They deleted all of the admin accounts! Nobody knew what to do, or who to turn to for help. Until lavendershine stepped forward."

"We must be strong" she posted. "Whatever it takes, we must unite and help the Scratch Team to defeat this hacker!" All the other Scratchers agreed. "Hey" said one. "I know! Let's see if Clutter is hacked!" "Great idea" said lavendershine. All the Scratchers went to Clutter to see. When they got there, they found...

What did they find? You Decide Next!

Story #4

Wes said..
"They decided to go into hiding for a while. Until the new Scratch page felt safe again. So they could try and hack the new website."

The hacker waited... And waited. The Scratchers felt that they were safe on this new website. One day, a user called lavendershine joined and claimed that they were Guinea_Pig_Girl! But, around the same time, the hacker decided to strike! They hacked into the website and...

What did they do? You Decide Next!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Story #3

3DSfan12345 said that they found that every link led to! "It must be some kind of joke!" they said. But one of them emailed the Scratch team again and it was no joke! "Guinea_Pig_Kaj must've hacked the system!" the Search for GPG team said. "But no one can hack into Scratch! The Scratch Team has said so!" But, it must be true. So, the Search for GPG team decided to do something about it! One or two of them knew HTML, and one knew Javascript, so they set to work on making a new Scratch website! It was hard, and you couldn't upload projects, but when it was done, it was a good place for Scratchers to communicate. Soon, the hacker heard about the new website, and they...

What did they do? You Decide Next!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Story #2

As continuation to the story...

Wes said that they had found an admin account called Guinea_Pig_Kaj! Guinea_Pig_Kaj had 1 project- one claiming she was Kaj, and had hacked people! The team of Scratchers who had looked for Guinea_Pig_Girl were confused, and scared. How did Guinea_Pig_Kaj become an admin?!?!? The Search for GPG team, as they were called, immediently contacted the Scratch Team. "We know" they said. "We're working on it, but Guinea_Pig_Kaj is very powerful and could ban every Scratcher if they wanted to." The Search for GPG team were horrified. The Scratch Team not being able to sort things out?!?!? Oh dear!!!! The next day, when they tried to log into Scratch, they found that...

What did they find? You Decide Next!

You Decide Next!

I am going to start a story, BUT it is different! Every post, I will leave the story hanging off, and the first commenter gets to choose what happens next! So, the start...

Once upon a time, there was a Scratcher named Guinea_Pig_Girl. She loved Scratch, and released projects often. But one day, she released a project saying she was Kaj! All Guinea_Pig_Girl's friends knew this wasn't true, so they decided to investigate more. They were all looking around on the Scratch website, when suddenly, one of them spotted a clue! "Hey!" they said. "I've found something! It's..."

What did they find? You Decide Next!

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Yay (for two reasons)

Scratch Project

Scratch Project

PS. From now on, I will be using images instead of projects. There's too much sound on the one page... The two links for these projects are:

iPod Touch

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The P Post

Learn more about this project Back on my old blog I used to do stories using as much of a particular letter as possible. So this is the story of...

A Particular type of Pet named Poppil

Poppil Island is very poppily. You must adopt a poppil! Also, there are pinnas too. They are like guinea pigs. But they fly.

Pyra the Poppil had a Pinna called Pinnella. Pinnella would Precisely come when Pinnella was called. Pinnella was very Precious. But one day, Pinnella was missing! The whole Population of Pinnaville searched for her. But she could not be found. Pyra's face was as long as a Pole. But Pinnella was lost in a Pile of Pies! It was in the Pinnaville Bakery. As the Baker, Pilly, was getting Pies, Pinnella Popped out! Pyra was very happy.

The End!



Scratch Project

Monday, February 21, 2011


This is a couple of Scratch projects I've made...

Click here to view the project! The project was made quite a while ago :D

Learn more about this project Drawing... but with cats!

Learn more about this project Rainbow Drawing...

Learn more about this project ..and the sequel!

Thanks for looking! :)


I'm an old-time blogger come back for more! Click here to view my old blog.

Lots of things have happened. I discovered a program called Scratch, and it's a programming language! I've uploaded more than 200 projects to the Scratch website... and here's one of my newest!

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