Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The P Post

Learn more about this project Back on my old blog I used to do stories using as much of a particular letter as possible. So this is the story of...

A Particular type of Pet named Poppil

Poppil Island is very poppily. You must adopt a poppil! Also, there are pinnas too. They are like guinea pigs. But they fly.

Pyra the Poppil had a Pinna called Pinnella. Pinnella would Precisely come when Pinnella was called. Pinnella was very Precious. But one day, Pinnella was missing! The whole Population of Pinnaville searched for her. But she could not be found. Pyra's face was as long as a Pole. But Pinnella was lost in a Pile of Pies! It was in the Pinnaville Bakery. As the Baker, Pilly, was getting Pies, Pinnella Popped out! Pyra was very happy.

The End!

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